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Communication training that is practical and especially tailored to the needs of the client is at the centre of the business training I offer. Professional communication plays a key role in succeeding professionally in today’s working world. On a daily basis we have to successfully deal with innumerable communication processes of varying complexity. Consequently, a confident outward appearance, rhetoric and the power of persuasion are all crucial to being successful – and not only for management. Communication skills can be learned, trained and optimised. For this you need the right inspiration, professional guidance and practice.


My concept is divided into two parts: ‘Core Skills’ and ‘Advanced Techniques’. The first part deals with practical individual and/or group exercises that teach the basic tools of successful, effective and lasting communication. ‘Core Skills’ focuses on the following:

  • Strategies for efficient and targeted conversational techniques
  • presentation and talk-giving techniques
  • training in rhetoric, style and humour techniques
  • the parameters of non-verbal communication

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In ‘Advanced Techniques’ participants learn advanced skills based on carefully selected communication techniques and practical exercises that will help to polish off their abilities.
This compact and innovative training integrates the latest scientific findings and covers the following areas:

  • Behavioural economics
  • An Insight into human nature and recognising manipulation techniques
  • Impression management and charisma techniques

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The advantages of communication training…

Communication plays a significant role in being successful in almost all areas of life. Receiving target-oriented and interdisciplinary communication training provides you and your staff with a decisive competitive edge and helps you to

  • come across as relaxed, self-confident and professional
  • direct and guide staff appraisal meetings
  • give lively talks that keep your audiences interested and entertained
  • Solve conflict situations and correctly deal with difficult communication situations
  • organise individual and collective work processes more efficiently

My communication training is suitable for both workshops and one-to-one coaching situations and is especially tailored to the needs, desires and interests of the client.

Whom is Business Coaching aimed at?

My training programme is geared mainly towards

  • medium-sized and transnationally-operating businesses for which internal and external communication play a strategic role.
  • public institutions, public authorities, educational and higher education institutions.

For skilled workers from abroad – ‘Global Germany’

As the world’s leading export nation, Germany is a firm part of the globalised world economy. We are also an attractive business location and employer of many skilled workers from abroad. To realise the full potential of these workers, it is important that they are trained in the ways of our communication culture.

I offer suitable seminars, training sessions and courses to get your foreign staff communicating effectively in a (for them) foreign cultural environment. If desired, I can offer my programme in the following languages:

  • Englisch
  • Spanisch
  • Russisch