Communication seminars for academics


If you want long-term success, then further education is unavoidable. This maxim is also true in academic life. Especially young academics have to compete against hundreds of highly qualified competitors. Sadly, excellent research is not always enough. Interdisciplinary further training schemes can however tip the balance in your favour and make the difference between success and failure.

Nowadays, you need a set of rhetorical and didactic skills as well as effective impression management in order to stand out from the crowd. A confident and pleasant manner as well as rhetorical talent makes the difference. I offer practical communication training that is tailored to the challenges of the modern academic world and covers the following areas:

Presentation techniques and media training Hosting conferences and workshops Establishing and maintaining networks
How to clearly convey subject-specific content Repartee training

To the seminars

Standing out from the crowd on the way to a career in academia

Whether a first postdoc position, a position as research associate or a junior professorship: upon applying, you are are competing against hundreds of other highly-qualified young academics. But how do you get that position that you really want? Maybe with excellent research? There are loads of people out there doing excellent research. The general standard is extremely high and having excellent research is not going to make you stand out – it is merely the prerequisite. But you have to differentiate yourself from the competition and you will only manage that with holistic impression management and developed communication skills.

Forging a new path: Leaving academia

It is a simple fact that there are many more young academics than there are career positions in academia. Leaving academia is therefore not only an attractive and sensible option for many postdocs – but also a necessary one.

The thing is to do it right! For you will find yourself in a tough and very different kind of contest with competitors who have a whole range of different qualifications and backgrounds. On the open labour market, academic merits and expertise are not really sought after. Instead, good communication skills and a confident manner are important to help you reach your full potential.

I have a wide range of research and teaching experience both in Germany and abroad. With my practical and compact training programme, I’ll help you to position yourself successfully on the job market. The most important parts of my especially-tailored training programme are:

  • Potential analysis with regard to your planned professional focus
  • Superior performance in job interviews
  • Efficient and targeted conversation skills
  • Confident body language
  • Small talk and repartee