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Substantiated scientific and psychological know-how is at the very heart of the training I offer. The scientific focus of what I offer also gives you the added value of being able to build up comprehensive, theoretical knowledge of key skills and processes. Practical exercises will then help to make this knowledge second nature to you. You will learn to consciously integrate various communication techniques into your daily routine in order to have them at your fingertips and be able to utilise them in all sorts of different situations.

  • Rhetoric and conversational techniques for your professional life
  • Presentation – and moderation techniques
  • Impression management, How to come across effectively and develop your individual, distinctive profile.
  • Success with non-verbal communication, conflict analysis and management.
  • Psychology for your professional life and how to recognise manipulation attempts
  • Self confidence and repartee training
  • Techniques for decision making and personal risk management.
  • Business etiquette and intercultural skills

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  • ‘How to come across correctly’ and Impression management for academics
  • The art of presenting; techniques for giving talks that stay in people’s memories
  • Coordinating research groups and moderating academic work groups
  • The art of small talk. Advanced networking and conversation techniques
  • Be confident in any discussion. Repartee training and conversation techniques for beginners

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Training Formats

  • Presentations:

    Gain insight into the world of ‘Lebensklugheit’ and get inspired! My main academic and professional topics are: worldly wisdom, communication, dealing with people and personality development. I am, of course, happy to adjust my presentation to reflect your wishes and interests.

  • Seminars

    I offer various training formats. Choose between a short seminar (3 hours), a whole-day course (8 hours) and a comprehensive two-day seminar (2 x 8 hours). These formats can also be combined and adapted to your requirements.

  • Individual Coaching:

    This format is completely and utterly based on your individual needs. You could start with a one-day entry-level coaching session (8 hours) and then see if my concept suits you. I recommend a coaching programme of 5 days, which, if desired, can be split up and take place over a longer period of time.

Each seminar is available in the languages German, English, Russian, Spanish and Italian. Up to 10 participants can take part in a seminar.

Techniques and Tools

Each seminar is unique and individually tailored to you and your needs. A detailed discussion prior to the commencement of the course will allow these needs to be integrated into the training format. As well as a compact or comprehensive theory section, the following exercises, techniques and tools will be used:

Exchange of experiences in groups, theoretical input from the trainer; if desired, role-playing and scenarios, teaching and learning of thematic communication techniques, practical exercises with video recording, short presentations and individual feedback from the trainer.

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