About me

I am a specialist for communication and ‘worldly wisdom’. This is the ability to deal with people properly, communicate successfully and cleverly master the challenges life throws at us. For over ten years now I have been intensively involved with and studied these themes in private, professional and academic contexts. And now I want to share what I have learnt with you…


What distinguishes me from other coaches, consultants and trainers?

I combine strongly developed practical communication skills with academic excellence. My background as an experienced seminar leader and my post-graduate academic studies on ‘worldly wisdom’ together form the foundations of the training programmes I offer. I can help you continue on your personal path to success in your private and/or professional life by helping you to optimise your communication skills and to find the correct way of dealing with people and social conflict situations. My training programmes are aimed at all those who want to permanently enhance the way they act and think in order to reach their full potential in their private and professional lives.

My background:

  • Degrees in Cultural and Economic Sciences and Cultural History from Frankfurt (Oder) (Germany), Guadalajara (Mexico) and London
  • Doctoral dissertation on theories of worldly wisdom in early modern Europe at the Warburg Institute in London (School of Advanced Studies, University of London)
  • Numerous Fellowships at prestigious research institutes in Germany and abroad (Moscow, Paris, Rom) as well as teaching assignments at the Free University Berlin, University of Hamburg, University of Leipzig, European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), the University of Potsdam, and the Business Information and Technology School, Berlin
  • Diverse responsibilities involved in the art trade and in museum operations (Greene-Naftali-Gallery in New York, Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin)
  • Project manager for Delphi Research (Berlin), client relations and recruitment
  • Consultant for analysis and communication for the German university strategic interest group, German U15
  • Trainer and seminar leader at various management institutions and numerous German and international businesses. Lecturer at numerous educational organisations, trusts, associations and cultural institutions (Berlin Capital Club, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation)


  • Born in 1984 in Odessa (Ukraine), raised in Münster (Germany), currently living in Berlin.
  • Fluent in German, English, Russian and Spanish.